Is Trump’s “Salute to America” Parade Such a Bad Idea?

Trump is sparing no expense for his “Salute to America” Fourth of July Parade set to be held on Thursday. Democrats see the whole affair, which will feature rolling tanks and a flyover from military jets, as an embarrassment – but does a Fourth of July Parade have to be a partisan issue?

…if he really wanted to salute America, he’d spend some of this money on the infrastructure, health care and educational needs of our citizens … not on some vainglorious display of military might.

This is out-and-out banana republic authoritarian performance art. That it also is obviously a multimillion-dollar exercise in low comedy is sadly beside the point. It should be mocked, relentlessly and everywhere, by every American who still has a sense of dignity and a vague memory of what an actual celebration of patriotism feels like.

People on the left hates our president so much that they are willing to just put a negative spin on anything. How many times have you seen a flyover and an athletic event? Everybody loves them except for when President Trump is the one proposing them.

Why Are Ivanka and Jared Acting Like Diplomats?

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants to know why Ivanka is acting like she’s America’s top diplomat. AOC isn’t alone on this. Between Ivanka’s omnipresence at important G20 events and Jared’s prominent role in attempting to broker peace between Israel and Palestine, many are beginning to wonder why two relatives of the president are acting like cabinet members.

This is rich. A woman who was a bartender degrades a woman who had a thriving career prior to joining Office of Economic Initiatives. Ivanka’s initiatives created millions of opportunities for workers by legislative & Admin action. How many jobs did AOC initiate? Zero.

What’s the point of enriching yourself if you can’t help your kids along the way? Neither Ivanka nor Jared has the experience or expertise to advise a president. It’s impossible to imagine that they would be top White House advisers if any of the 320 million other Americans in this country were president.

Perhaps the greatest concern about their roles, however, is the issue of compensation. Financial disclosures show that Jared and Ivanka last year earned over $80 million through their private businesses. No doubt, their prominence in meetings increases the worth of their holdings as interlocutors want to do business with players who hobnob with world leaders and operate as the Trump family business.

Did the Court Make the Right Move on the Census?

A (possible) resolution for one of the most controversial issues of the year. The Supreme Court has ruled that the Trump administration does not have sufficiently convincing reasons to add a “citizenship question” to the Census. Some see this as a brilliant ruling – others as an invitation for Trump to trump up his reasoning and try again.

Every day of this presidency has told immigrants — including those here legally — that the federal government is not just hostile to them but will find any excuse it can to kick them out of the country. So you could hardly blame any immigrant — or millions of immigrants — for not just reluctance to tell a census worker their citizenship status, but not wanting to talk to them at all. Which is exactly what Trump and the Republicans have been after.

The justices deserve credit for sending the case back for more thoughtful decision-making. After oral arguments in April, many court watchers expected that they would repeat the mistake of the court’s travel ban ruling and ignore the Trump administration’s evident bad faith. Fortunately, they were wiser this time around.

The Supreme Court’s ruling should help mitigate those fears somewhat. But the Court could have and should have taken a far stronger posture than it did, ruling not that the citizenship question was administratively imperfect, but that it was unconstitutional and un-American.

Do Black Lives Matter In Israel?

The shooting of Ethiopian-born Israeli youth Solomon Tekah by an off-duty police officer has spurred days of protesting and demonstrations, some of which have turned violent. An investigation of the shooting is underway and many are wondering if Israel’s police force suffers from the same issues of racial bias that are said to plague America. More at LA Times.

Welcome to the tragic and interminable cycle of violence against the Ethiopian community. The police and its agents use demagoguery to delegitimize the struggle of an entire community. The public discussion is deliberating the degree to which the officer was threatened as well as the hypothetical justifications for his actions. His actions, let’s not forget, ended with him drawing and cocking his gun, and then firing at a group of young people in the middle of a residential neighborhood.

Israel is an imperfect society. There is discrimination and there is racism, just as there are in every other society. No more, but unfortunately probably not that much less. However, those who will now take this incident – as horrible as it is – to tarnish Israel as an inherently racist society are doing both Israel, and truth, a disservice.

The time has come to wake up. There is a sense of alienation and neglect among members of the younger generation born and raised here in Israel and unwilling to suffer in silence. The state and the local authorities must, therefore, put their heads together and find a permanent solution to the many complex problems.

For Undocumented Migrants, Is “Never Again” Now?

Thirty-six Jewish activists were arrested while protesting an ICE detention center in New Jersey. Chanting “Never Again Is Now,” they are hoping to push the idea that Holocaust remembrance is useless if it cannot wake us up to atrocities of the current historical moment.

I was among the 36 Jews arrested Sunday outside the ICE detention center in Elizabeth, New Jersey as part of the Never Again Action… We Jews know in our ancestral memory what the precursors to ethnic cleansing look like. They look like roundups and mass deportations. They look like detention camps where “undesirables” are concentrated and segregated away from the general population — also known as concentration camps.

…while the specific brutality of the Nazi genocide was exceptional, the ideology and architecture of the Nazi camp apparatus was neither unique nor original… Given this, rather than center the Nazi Holocaust in our attempts to understand and describe modern-day American atrocities, we ought to broaden our historical analysis…

Worse than being forgotten, Holocaust memory is now under undeniable assault…

Ultimately, Americans are not Nazis and belittling the extermination of European Jewry should be, for any politician, an impassable offense. That such a mercenary and utilitarian approach to the Holocaust has become the call of a new liberal crusade — comprised of key media figures, dozens of politicians, scores of academics, and hundreds of New Jersey Jews — should be alarming and outrageous to those whose loyalty to the victims of the Holocaust forbids them from allowing their sacrifice to be turned into a political dishrag.

Is the “Betsy Ross” Flag a Racist Symbol?

After being told by former NFL player Colin Kaepernick that the design is offensive, Nike decided to pull a pair of sneakers featuring an early version of the American flag. Predictably, the move is stirring controversy and being called un-American. Since partnering with Kaepernick, Nike is no stranger to controversy – but some are saying that this time they’ve crossed the line.

Nike & Kaepernick are correct in not wanting a shoe design that has been coopted by anti-Black racists. That particular design is now associated with the white supremacist gang III%. Here is III% in Charlottesville with white supremacist Michael Ramos who was charge with assault.

Nike is entitled to cancel its products for any reason. But the rest of us are entitled to point out that no flag of the United States is a symbol of oppression and racism, and that Mr. Kaepernick’s suggestion that it is one—with Nike’s tacit agreement—is political theater based on false history.

Sorry, Nike, but you red, white and blew it… We can debate whether Betsy Ross was the actual seamstress of America’s first flag. There’s no documentation of that. But to pull it because a bunch of misfits have co-opted that flag for their cause shows a distinct lack of backbone. White nationalists also drape themselves in red, white and blue and call themselves patriots. Does that mean America’s colors are now offensive? That patriotism is a dirty word?

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