What Do Bibi and Biden Have in Common?

For months, differences of opinion about the war in Gaza have put space between Bibi and President Biden. Now some are saying that political circumstances have brought them back together.

Both Biden and Netanyahu are in deep political trouble, and their problems are much worse because of the digital platforms that amplify the volume and increase the reach of their critics’ messages.

The distance between the two, in their current state, is smaller than is commonly thought. Both cling to power as if the government could not do without them; The country is important, but their ego is more important…

Why won’t the 81-year-old, worn-out President Joe Biden quit – even though presidents must appear commanding, let alone complete proper sentences, not to mention that he risks losing to someone he believes threatens democracy?

And why won’t the 74-year-old, washed-up Benjamin Netanyahu quit…?

Is the Death Toll in Gaza 186,000?

A new report from The Lancet suggests that the death toll in Gaza, when adjusted to include indirect deaths, could be as high as 186,000.

But the breathless virality of The Lancet’s speculative report does not reflect well on our media and its consumers. What’s revealed is a bizarre hunger for more death in Gaza than there actually is. It’s not that such people actually desire more suffering for Palestinians. That said, I suspect that they are hungry for more stories that paint Israel in the most monstrous light imaginable. Where this demand is evident, the supply follows.

This led anti-Israel users on social media to propagate the new libel en masse, conveniently forgetting to mention the nature of the letter.

…rather than learn the importance of being careful and precise with estimated casualties, academics and activists involved on both sides of the Israel-Hamas war are embracing findings that are clearly flawed.

How Has Iran Been Influencing Protests in the US?

According to the White House, Iran has been orchestrating and funding anti-Israel protests in the West.

The warning, issued earlier on Tuesday by Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines, said actors tied to Iran’s government had posed as activists online, sought to encourage protests regarding the Israel-Hamas war in Gaza and even provided demonstrators with financial support.

…just the fact that the Biden administration — which has gone out of its way to cover for Iran’s malign influence — is releasing this statement, suggests that the evidence of Iranian involvement in the pro-Hamas demonstrations must be overwhelming.

…the repressive Islamic Republic of Iran [.] will claim that the protests vindicate Tehran’s position and even show its influence in the West.

Should the Vice President Automatically Replace Biden?

Should Kamala have an advantage over other potential replacements for Biden simply because she’s the VP?

The obvious, logical path out of the mess President Biden created with his disastrous debate performance is for him to bow out with honor and endorse his young, vigorous and talented vice president to stand in his stead.

…an automatic coronation of Harris would be a grave mistake. The No. 2 spot has never been a guarantee of a promotion to the top job. Only six vice presidents have been elevated to the presidency via an election; 12 have run and lost.

Even if Biden does not win, Harris will remain atop the very short list of potential Democratic candidates for president in 2028. (Since Truman, every Democratic vice president but one has ultimately become the party’s presidential candidate.) Which means that the prospect and promise of a Kamala Harris presidency is likely to be with us for a very long time.

Will Ukraine Become a Member of NATO?

As the NATO summit kicks off, commitments to Ukraine are easy to find, but it’s still unclear if they’ll become a member.

The best Ukraine is likely to get from NATO is more air defense batteries and missiles, a stronger training program for its troops and a commitment to help Kyiv hold the line. Biden should tell Zelensky point-blank that NATO membership is a fool’s errand…

…even a statement signaling that Ukraine’s path to membership is irreversible still wouldn’t set aside the requirement for unanimity within NATO for admitting new members. That’s not present now, and when it will be remains uncertain.

NATO leaders will reportedly announce a new NATO office in Kyiv, which will be touted as a “bridge” to membership in the alliance. They are also expected to announce a joint commitment of about $40 billion in financial assistance for Ukraine for 2025.

What’s New in the World of Jewish Sports?

Here are three takes on the exciting world of Jews in sports:

This summer’s sporting calendar is well and truly underway, and the Olympic Games in Paris will begin on July 26. Israeli participants, their teams, and fans have been preparing for travel to France amid heightened scrutiny during the ongoing Israel-Hamas War and the tense security situation for many Jewish communities across the globe.

As Jacob Steinmetz prepared for his first international road trip as a professional baseball player last week, he had plenty on his plate — literally.

The 20-year-old pitching prospect, who in July 2021 made history as the first Orthodox Jew drafted into MLB, was set to make his third start for the Hillsboro Hops, the Arizona Diamondbacks’ High-A affiliate in Oregon, as they traveled across the border to face the Vancouver Canadians.

Adam Mara’ana is half-Jewish, half-Arab Muslim and all heart.

Next month, the lights-out gorgeous citizen of Israel is set to represent the Jewish state in the pool as a member of the Israeli Olympic swimming team, traveling to Paris to compete in the 100-meter backstroke event.

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